Back in the day, it wasn’t easy to travel with a computer. Weight and size of the device posed the biggest obstacle to travelers making the luxury of a portable computer hardly worth the trouble. But not anymore. Here are some tips on how to choose the best travel laptop.


Go for a laptop in sizes 11-13” which are ideal for travel computers. This size offers a great balance in terms of lightweight and viewable screen size. If you only intend to do some quick tasks such as updating your social media, you may opt for the 10” or even smaller computers or tablets.
However, if you plan to use your laptop for more than a couple of minutes, your best bet is to get one with a large keyboard and screen. Avoid laptops with large 15” screens which tend to be heavy and more suited for your home office desk – unless you really do require the screen space.

Processor Speed

Any modern processor will serve you well with regards to basic use such as web, email, social media and video streaming. However, if you require professional video or photo editing or playing video games, its best to go for one that’s strong enough to run applications that are more resource-intensive.

Amount of RAM/Memory

If you intend to use your laptop for just some simple tasks such as updating social media or checking email, a 4GB RAM device will work well for you. On the other hand, if you wish to do some photo editing or other more complex task, its best to settle for an 8GB RAM computer.

Hard Drive Size

One of the common reasons for travelers taking their laptops along on vacation is to use them to back up their photos. Even if you normally save your photos to cloud storage, it’s nonetheless advisable to have your computer on hand so you can upload photos and files onto it, especially if the hotel Wi-Fi goes down. While the size of suitable drives may vary, for a short trip, 150GB with a minimum of 60GB free or higher should do.


Many modern laptops come with convertible features: a 360-degrees rotating screen that you can fold into different forms for use as a tent, tablet or in stand mode. This is an awesome feature for travelers who get to use their devices in various ways in different situations. For instance, you may use your laptop on an airplane in the tablet mode, or stream movies in the stand mode.


Travel can really take its toll on computers. You are therefore better off with one with a strong, metallic build than a flimsy plastic shell that will easily crack. It’s best to visit an electronics store and inspect the device before purchasing it online. This will enable you to get a proper feel of it.

Battery Life

It’s not always as easy to keep your laptop plugged in while you are out and about on your trip. You therefore may want to find a computer that has a long battery life.