It is very common to hire a vehicle when travelling these days. If you have a driving license and are travelling abroad or in this country, you will likely find it very convenient to have your own transport when you get there. It can reduce transport costs, make getting around easier and faster and give you some extra freedom while you are away. There are some considerations to take into account when embarking on vehicle hire while abroad and we will look at some of these here.

Take consideration of the laws and driving regulations in your destination

Before you decide to hire a vehicle in another country, you should carefully consider the implications of driving in conditions that differ from the norm that you are used to and that the road regulations could differ significantly.

Firstly, in some countries, you will find that road conditions and driver responsibility could be off less of a standard than you are used to. You should investigate this and make a decision as to whether you think you can adapt to this safely.

Secondly, rules, driving code and general etiquette may well differ, for example driving on the other side of the road. You need to once again be very sure that you can safely adapt to these differing regulations to ensure you don’t put yourself or your party in any unnecessary danger.

Be sure to have insurance and other cover options to protect yourself and travelling party

Being financially and medically insured whilst you are driving abroad is essential. Firstly you must ensure that you have appropriate drivers insurance on the vehicle that you will be driving. Usually, this will be an option you can take out with the hire company, but you should check the particulars of this to ensure the level of cover is appropriate.

It is advisable that you take out medical insurance for you and your party so that in the event of an accident of some kind, you have appropriate financial cover to protect you from unwanted medical bills. Although the EHIC card does provide some cover, this is limited and your own comprehensive cover would be the safest option.

Taking your own vehicle or hiring whilst on your trip

Although taking your own vehicle is an option, it could well be a costly and difficult exercise. Your best option is to hire from a reputable company who can provide you with all the options and cover that you could need, depending on your destination. Be sure to check out reviews of a company before you go with them to ensure they are reputable.