London is the city break to end all city breaks. Packed with history and innovation, mind-blowing cuisine and culture, this ever-changing town has something for everyone.

To see the best of London, spending at least a week in the city is essential. Book an apartment with London Connection, which is the best way to live like a local.

Royal London

Never before has the British Royal Family been so prominent in pop culture – their fame brings plenty of tourists to London every year. But even if you’re not a big fan of Prince William and Prince Harry, London’s royal roots are fascinating.

Take in the splendor of Buckingham Palace (one of our personal favorites) and stay for the traditional Changing of The Guard. If you’re visiting anytime between July and September, you could also visit the palace’s luxurious State Rooms.

Westminster Abbey, the location of many royal events for centuries, is also worth a visit. Want to go even further? Consider a road trip to discover England’s medieval castles once you’ve spent enough time in London.

Political London

Did you know that the hit Netflix series House Of Cards was inspired by a series of British novels? Those books followed the dastardly deeds of Francis Urquhart, a fictional politician in Thatcher’s parliament.

While it’s unlikely that many real MPs get up to the murderous antics of Urquhart, Westminster is still a great place to visit. Power is palpable in this area, especially close to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Political junkies will also go wild for the numerous London hotspots nearby, where local representatives are known to relax after a day in the House of Commons.

 Young London

Although London has been a world-class city for centuries, this capital has a wonderful knack for regenerating itself. Now, its youthful vibrancy can be found in the East End.

Check out the districts of Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Hoxton for hip cafes and thrift stores, mixed with long-running local markets. Wander the streets of Shoreditch to discover striking urban art, before taking in a rooftop movie screening at Pillow Cinema.

Brick Lane Market is a hive of culture, music and second-hand shopping, but it’s best to visit on Sundays. There, you’ll find unusual attire at bargain prices, striking collectibles and wonderful curry houses.

Sherlock’s London

If anything has put London on the map recently, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s stellar turn as Sherlock Holmes. Luckily, it doesn’t take expert deduction to walk in the footsteps of the world’s most famous sleuth.

Walk to Baker St to see exactly where Sherlock and Watson solved their most famous cases. Nowadays, 221B Baker St houses the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which documents the fictional detective’s best cases and Arthur Conan Doyle’s creative process.

Nearby, you’ll find Gower Street’s Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe, where the heroes of the BBC’s Sherlock frequently lunched.

Nocturnal London

London has plenty for the eager sightseer, but the fun doesn’t stop when darkness falls. For some of the best nightlife that England has to offer, head straight to Soho.

Once seen as the sleazy side of they city, Soho has undergone another revamp. When it comes to nightlife, it’s now a hub for all tastes. Have a sophisticated evening of cocktails at Bar Americain or Blind Pig, or check out intimate concerts and art exhibitions at the Chapel of the House of St Barnabas. For late-night fun, check out clubs like Punk or St. Moritz.