When you’re planning a trip to Berlin, there are a few things you need to make sure you pack: ultra-comfortable walking shoes, a raincoat and the Marco Polo Berlin guide.

Marco Polo Berlin guide

With only two days in this fantastic city, you have to make sure to squeeze in every drop of excitement you can.

Berlin art

Don’t expect to get much sleep—by day, you’ll be exploring culture at its finest. From live stages to stellar artwork and rich history, you’ll be busy from dawn ‘til dusk. By night, it’s Berlin’s vibrant parties that will keep you going.

Berlin street

With those comfortable walking shoes I mentioned, you’ll have the most important tools to see this lively city. If you only have two days to explore, you’ll want to walk fast and consult your guide every chance you get.

Berlin suitcase

Grab your suitcase, drop it off at the hotel and get to wandering. The city is filled with walking tours that can make it easier than ever to see everything you want to see and more, especially if you’re budgeting your time.

Time to Explore

Start your day with breakfast, a favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike. With a massive beer scene and late-night parties, it’s no surprise that large breakfasts are popular.


Whether you’re seeking cold cuts, eggs and cheeses or breads and spreads, spots like Café am Neuen See and Café Einstein Stammhaus are sure to fill your belly before a day of exploration.

When it comes time to see the city, there are certain spots you can’t miss. The Berlin Wall is the most obvious attraction, serving as an important part of the city’s history after it cut off West Berlin from the eastern part of the city and country during World War II. Visit the East Side Gallery or the Mauerweg (The Berlin Wall Trail) to see pieces of the wall in modern Berlin.

Berlin Wall

Another popular spot to relive history is the Brandenburg Gate. Built in the 1700s, this neoclassical structure once marked the start of an important road. Today, it lies near the German parliament, Bundestag.


Other historical spots to add to your list of sights include Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler’s bunker and the Holocaust memorial. Also worth seeing are the Nazi air ministry and Bebelplatz, the scene of the Nazi book burning.

Berlin guide

For some more uplifting and inspiring culture, I’d recommend visiting Museum Island. Guidebook in hand, you can figure out which of the area’s museums most appeal to you. Choose from the Altes art museum, the Egyptian artifact-filled Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie art museum, the Bode Museum of art and the Pergamon Museum, which houses antique and Middle Eastern artwork.

Berlin art museum

Nighttime Bliss

If you’re anything like me, referring to a map will make it easier than ever to get around town. Use it to locate the perfect place for dinner.

Berlin map

Consider Grill Royal for steak and seafood or Big Stuff Smoked Barbecue for tasty pork. If you enjoy Champagne, Restaurant Tim Raue is the place for you.

Berlin beer scene

After dinner, you’ll want to check out the local party scene. Berlin offers something for everyone. From upscale cabarets and cocktail bars to beer gardens and dance clubs with heavy techno beats, there’s plenty to do.

Berlin music scene

Filled with history, culture and exuberant nightlife, Berlin is one place I wouldn’t ever tire of.