Exploring in an RV is one of the coolest ways of seeing the world. Many avid RV enthusiasts couldn’t imagine a different way of vacationing; it’s easy to get hooked! Some people spend longer periods living and working on the road, with a substantial number of digital nomads also being full-time RVers.

There are some items that a full-time RVer should have in their possession. Of course, you’ll also need an actual RV! Check out RV rentals in Chicago and other cities across the U.S., pack for a great adventure and hit the open road.


While you might favor a traditional road atlas, having a GPS can be invaluable at times. As well as helping you to figure out a route a GPS can assist with finding the shortest route and notify you of any problems and delays on the roads.

2.Wi-Fi Hotspot

If your RV doesn’t have satellite (which many don’t) and you’re a full-time RVer, having some form of internet connectivity is a high priority. Whether you work while traveling, use the internet to help plan your next destinations or simply want to keep in touch with people, many people cannot live for too long without a stable and reliable internet connection.

3.Wheel Blocks

Most full-time RVers know that not all campgrounds are created equally. This is especially true when it comes to the terrain. Find yourself on an even or sloped pitch and it can be uncomfortable. Having wheel blocks and trailer levelers can enhance safety and comfort.

4.Tools and Other Vehicle Maintenance Items

A full-time RVer knows that mishaps, inconveniences and emergencies can happen when exploring. And, many have found that incidents often seem to happen in the more remote areas where help isn’t close to hand. Traveling with your own maintenance gear and tools can help a lot in what would otherwise be a tricky situation. Jump wires, a fire extinguisher, ropes, flares, a tire pressure gauge, spare bulbs and fuses, a tarpaulin, duct tape, propane and a tool kit should be on your packing list. Of course, you’ll also need at least one spare tire and the necessary tools to change a wheel should the situation arise. A flashlight and spare batteries are invaluable for incidents at night.

5. Solar-Powered Device Charger

It’s possible to purchase a mini solar power system to keep devices charged for a relatively inexpensive sum. If you’re traveling in a fairly sunny place, you’ll always be able to keep devices well charged. If you rely on your smartphone, for example, or are traveling with kids, a solar-powered charger can make life a little easier.

6. First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is essential on any trip, but more so on a trip where you are likely, at times, to be far from other people, shops and medical assistance. A basic first aid kit should contain tweezers, scissors, surgical tape, gloves, bandages and band aids. Antiseptic wipes and / or cream, antihistamines, painkillers and remedies for a bad stomach are also vital.

7. Firewood

If you love nothing more than snuggling in front of a fire in the evening times, carry some firewood. If you rely on an open fire to cook, definitely make sure you have adequate wood supplies. While many campgrounds sell firewood, you may find that your particular spot doesn’t have any. Plus, it’s often more expensive if bought from a campsite. Don’t forget matches and / or a lighter too!

8. Water Hose for Drinking Water

Make sure that you can keep your fresh water supplies topped up by carrying a good quality hose. If you forget your hose you’ll have to buy one on your travels, which can be inconvenient, or purchase large drums of water throughout your trip, which can be costly. Also, ensure that you store your fresh water hose away from your waste pipe to avoid contamination. Depending on where you’ll be traveling in your RV you may also want to consider taking a water purification system too.

9. Games and Other Entertainment Items

Part of the fun of being a full-time RVer is the ability to disconnect from the world if you want to. It’s important, however, to have games and other entertainment and leisure items to stimulate you during downtime; relaxation can get old quickly for some people! Books, board games, fishing equipment, a deck of cards, a football, a Frisbee or tennis rackets are among items you may consider. Having plenty to keep the kids occupied is important when traveling with children.

10. Power Extension Cord

Electrical hookup points can be difficult to reach at some campgrounds. A long, sturdy extension cord can make connecting to the power supply a lot easier in tight spots. It’s no fun spending the night in the dark and without electricity simply because you couldn’t park close enough to the hookup point and you forgot your extension lead!

Most full-time RVers have a long list of essentials that they wouldn’t dream of setting off without. Are there any must-haves that you would add to this list?